Our partnership with Puppetsburg continues the first Sunday of every month. Puppetsburg does interactive, culturally relevant puppet shows for 4mos-4yrs.

Each show is 45 minutes long and involve dancing, instruments, dress-up "photo-ops," and bubble time (!) followed by a different puppet story each performance.

Two shows each first Sunday!

Get tix to the 9:30 shows
Get tix to the 10:30 shows

*In order to ensure every kiddo can join - limit to one adult per child


I was introduced to Tribe & Oak via Made in New York, and we immediately hit it off. I love their approach to their product, their entrepreneurialism and we share a passion for creating unique experiences.

We carry their glorious candles and now you can get a peek into their creative process with our body butter workshop. What's better than creative inspiration?


Describe your maker philosophy in three words.
Natural, Nostalgic, Elevated

How does your inner kid still get to play?
By just being silly together. We joke a lot, chit chatting and joking while being creative makes it a fun activity and not a work task.

How do you want your product to make the receiver feel?
We want our customers to feel a nostalgia, fragrance takes people to particular places and we want them to go to happy places and love to come back to us to experience that.

What is the best gift you ever received at any age?
Taylor: I had a former colleague make me a chip cake for my birthday. I love to snack and she taped chips to a set of boxes on the form of a cake and I thought it was one of the most creative and thoughtful gifts anyone ever got me.

Kareem: My PS5, from the initial launch!

We are Kareem andTaylor, the cofounders of Tribe & Oak. We specialize in bringing natural, sustainable, and vegan products to our community and promoting a regular wellness practice. We started our community out of a deep need for connection during the Covid-19 pandemic where we created candles that didn’t negatively affect Taylor’s asthma. It started off as a bonding activity and here we are today as a successful and growing business. We appreciate the tribe we built and are so excited to continue our adventure!

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