At RIDER, you’ll find a variety of beloved objects from makers and designers across New York & small-batch products that speak to both young and old. Ours are special finds that inspire wonder.

We believe that gift-giving is serious, important work. But we also know that time is limited and the birthday party is in…3 hours. We make it easy to find unique gifts that are thoughtfully made, and send the perfect message of care plus cool.

We source our curated gifts from independent artisans and makers with heart. We know our suppliers by name, and share their values of quality, community and joy. From one-of-a-kind art and carefully made staples for the home, to toys that spark nostalgia and delight - there is something here for everyone on your list and in your heart.

We believe in the beauty of gift giving and its power to bring communities together. We’re all just trying to RIDE the wave of life. We’re here to support you along that journey, one glorious gift at a time.

RIDER is a one-stop-gifting-spot founded by Park Slope resident and mom, Alma Lacour. She wants to bring the joy back to gift-giving and support communities while doing it. She believes that a gift doesn’t have to be flashy to make a big impression. That meaning and heart can go a long way, and if we can support an independent artist while doing it, all the better. She believes that we never really grow up, and curates the entire store with a healthy dose of inner-child in mind.  People just want to feel considered and loved. RIDER is here to help you do just that.