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An interview with Ritual Powders Founder, Esther Downton 

I met Esther through the Hudson River Exchange, an organization that supports and uplifts makers in the Hudson Valley. Beyond the quality of her products, it was her company's values that stood out the most. Esther truly believes that her products are a vehicle for radicle self care and further connection to the Earth. I just knew that RIDER had to get involved in the Ritual Powders story. But, I'll let you hear it from Esther directly.


Describe your maker philosophy in three words. Authentic, efficacious, delicious

How does your inner kid still get to play? I am so lucky to be very close to all aspects of my business and one of the most fun elements is formulation. Each of our products are designed for purpose with the starting point always being a need. For example, right now we are in the process of formulating our range of superfood broths and it's so fun to play around with unusual ingredients and conduct taste tests. I have collaborated with two women Robyn and Cara for this range of products so formulation is one of my favorite things to do. Robyn Lawley is a model, author and vegan activist who has been healing her body with plants after her long struggle with an autoimmune illness, Lupus. We discovered our joint love for mushrooms at a kids party when Robyn turned up with a reishi mushroom she had foraged on her way over. Cara Baker is a trained chef with an incredible bank of knowledge for complimentary flavor profiles. Together the three of us have designed the broth range considering the efficacious benefits of ingredients while making sure they are delicious and nutritious. This whole process is so much fun, we really do get to play through the collaboration, the creativity and ultimately really connecting with each other. Then we get to name the product which is one of my favorite parts.


How do you want your product to make the receiver feel? Our products are designed to fortify you with functional natural plant based nutrition so our products are designed to make you feel good. Modern life is busy and vibrant so we want to make it easy to support your stressed hardworking system by adding a few small things into your routine. We want people to take a moment for themselves during the day and just prop up that working system with our yummy beverages with benefits. We want you to feel supported, nourished and cared for.

What is the best gift you ever received at any age? I think with most gifts the ones that you remember the longest are the ones with the clearest intentions attached to them. And with that in mind I probably would say the best gift I received was a pair of mushroom socks and earrings from my daughters. Funnily enough I am wearing the socks as I write this. Children pick up the simplest and sweetest of messages, they choose gifts in such a pure way based on very simple criteria. I think we can learn a lot from them...keep it simple, intentional and with heart.

RIDER carries Dusk Superfood Hot Chocolate, Everyday Superfood Coffee Booster and Dirt Chai Superfood Chai Latte from Ritual Powders.

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